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Artistic Development:  Hom                                                

1994 – 1996 Ateliers des Beaux Arts, Montparnasse, Paris, France   
Disciplines in drawing, illustration, colour and painting.   

1998 – 2002 Disciplines in drawing, painting and multi-media with artist Nina Kovacheva. Professional artist based in Paris. Winner of 'The 2002 UNESCO prize for the Promotion of the Arts'.   

2002 Discipline in sculpture and modelage with Petrus. Professional sculptor based in Paris. Winner Grand Prix Michel-Ange de la ville de Cannes.   

2003 Art Students League, New York, USA. Disciplines in etching and lithography.  

2008-09 Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker, Amsterdam.  Lithography 

1996 Ateliers des Beaux Arts Montparnasse, Paris, France.  End of year student exhibition   

1999 Italian Lions – objects inspired from lions seen  on various travels to Venice, Rome, Sienna and Sardinia.       

2002 Gallery Calle Moratin, Madrid, Spain.  Windows of Venice – multi-media exhibition inspired from windows discovered in Venice.   
2003 Gallery Segun Emma, Madrid, Spain.  Drawings and pastels of travels in South East Asia (Laos, Cambodia and Thailand).   
October 2004 Gallery Studio De Bakenes, Haarlem, the Netherlands.  ASIA.  Lithos, Ink drawings and pastels of various Asian objects.    

November 2004.  Participation in the Kunstlijn weekend, Haarlem, Holland.  www.kunstlijn.org

August 2006.  Exhibition 'mis emociones' Keizersgracht, Amsterdam

May 2009. Exhibition 'Emotions Romaines', rue Charles V, Paris

July 2009 - Exhbition, Gallery Thullier, Paris

September 2009 - Exhibition, A Book about Death, Emily Harvey Foundation, New York

2009 - Saatchi on line, London  http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk